Carbon footprint of companies, organizations and products

Carbon footprint of companies, organizations and products

TÜV PROFICERT-plus carbon footprint verification

The TÜV PROFiCERT-plus "carbon footprint of companies, organizations and products" process verifies that the carbon footprint has been measured correctly and in line with the standard. Reduction measures can be tested and confirmed during the verification. The tested carbon footprint also serves as a basis for TÜV Hessen's "carbon neutrality" certification.



The carbon footprint or greenhouse gas balance measures and evaluates the total greenhouse gas emissions of a company, an organization or a product. The greenhouse gas emissions are calculated in the form of CO2 equivalents and presented in a carbon footprint.
While the corporate carbon footprint measures the greenhouse gas emissions within the limits of a company or an organization, the product carbon footprint determines the emissions for the entire life cycle of a product or service.
The objectives of carbon footprinting are to create transparency, identify the main sources of emissions and trigger innovations, in order to ultimately reduce energy and logistics costs and environmental impacts, for example.

Who is the verification aimed at?

The verification is aimed at all companies and organizations from all service and production sectors and

Which standard is applied?

A range of standards is available for the measurement of carbon footprints. In addition to ISO 14064-1, Part 1 (organizations) and ISO/TS 14067 (products), they also include the Greenhouse Gas Protocol, which has become widely accepted as the industry standard for the measurement of carbon footprints for companies. TÜV Hessen verifies carbon footprints that have been measured in compliance with internationally accepted standards.

Objectives and advantages of the verification

There is a growing demand for reliable and credible information on the climate-relevant effects of companies, organizations and products. Having the carbon footprint verified by an impartial third party such as TÜV Hessen confirms that your CO2 footprint has
been measured correctly, providing credible proof of your climate-change performance. Verifying greenhouse gas data can also yield benefits in the context of reporting programs such as CDP. In addition, companies can also certify the carbon neutrality of their services.

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