Carbon neutrality certification – for companies and products

Carbon neutrality certification – for companies and products

What is carbon neutrality?

More and more companies are facing up to their responsibility for the environment and trying to reduce their CO2 emissions. Despite numerous possible ways of avoiding and reducing emissions, there usually remains a proportion that cannot be further reduced in the short term. But even with these unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions, there is an option for protecting the climate: carbon neutrality. A company or a product is considered carbon neutral if its unavoidable emissions are compensated by withdrawing certificates of tested climate protection projects such as forestry projects or renewable energies. In this context, the part of the earth in which a climate protection measure is carried out is not relevant to the climate.


TÜV PROFiCERT-plus carbon neutrality certification

The TÜV PROFiCERT-plus "carbon neutrality" process verifies the correct and complete compensation of unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. A prerequisite for the certification is a verified carbon footprint for the company, organization or product and an emission forecast for the next balance period. The certification process also includes verifying whether the climate protection certificates meet the requirements of the standards they are based on, the level of withdrawal corresponds to the calculated greenhouse gas emissions, the time of the purchase and withdrawal corresponds to the requirements and the withdrawal is

Who is the certification aimed at?

The certification is aimed at all companies and organizations from all service and production sectors and fields. Both companies and products can be certificated as carbon neutral.

Which standard is applied?

There is not yet an internationally-accepted standard for the implementation of carbon neutrality. Therefore, the certification is based on TÜV Hessen's "Carbon Neutrality" standard. Other standards may be used, provided that the certification body of TÜV Hessen agrees to the application of these standards.

Objectives and advantages of the certification

Customers, investors, analysts and the media increasingly evaluate companies and their products according to how sustainably they do business. This includes voluntary commitment to climate protection. With "carbon neutrality" certification, you show commitment and provide credible proof of your climatechange performance. Furthermore, the certificate allows you to communicate your activities in just a few words.

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