Sustainability in properties

The utilization of a building accounts for almost three quarters of its life cycle costs. It is therefore all the more important to operate your property in a sustainable manner – this allows you to realize the full potential of the building quality and, ideally, increase it further. Buildings that do not have the ideal constructional prerequisites can also be operated sustainably. This increases the professionalism of facility management as well as the operating performance.

Within the scope of our certification for the sustainable operation of properties (NBI-THM) in collaboration with the TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences, our experts test the correct and standard-compliant implementation of sustainable property operation. Any optimization measures can also be tested and confirmed during this process. In addition, the certification offers ideal support when setting up an energy or environmental management system.


What are the advantages of the certification?

The certification is aimed at owners/investors, operators and users of office and administrative properties. With the certification, you demonstrate to your stakeholders that you:

  • are contributing to the upkeep of the energy and environment management system for the sustainable use of the building,
  • are reducing your CO2 emissions and therefore helping to tackle climate change,
  • are encouraging legally compliant, energy-efficient and environmentally friendly action,
  • are reducing usage costs
  • and increasing the value of the property.

The standard can also be used as the basis for setting up a knowledge management system.

How does certification take place?

1. Inspection and check of minimum requirements

2. Identification of optimization requirements

3. Main audit (inspection and processing of questionnaire)

4. Verification and certification

5. Continuous sustainability management


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