Show that your data center meets these requirements – with the TÜV PROFiCERT-plus “Certified electronic data processing center DIN EN 50600” certificate.

Uniform standard for all data centers

Whether you are a planner, operator or customer, DIN EN 50600 provides the first holistic, internationally applicable basis for the certification of data centers. Until now, there were various standards for the individual technical components of a data center. DIN EN 50600 now enables international comparison for the first time. The inspection procedure can also be integrated seamlessly into existing management systems at your company.

What are the advantages of certification for your data center?

Through certification of your data center in accordance with DIN EN 50600, you secure numerous advantages:

  • You optimize the efficiency of the data center and reduce your operating costs.
  • You improve reliability of supply.
  • You uncover potential for improvement and optimization.
  • You secure a competitive advantage.
  • You enhance your customers’ trust in your data center.
  • Certification is not compulsory for operators of data centers and server rooms.

What is tested?

In the inspection, our experts take your requirements into account and use a detailed inspection catalog in line with EN 50600 to examine the status of the technology for the planning, construction and operation of your data center infrastructure.

Our inspection includes the following topics:

  • Risk analysis and analysis of protection needs
  • Safety requirements and rules for their implementation
  • Site selection, building design, building structure and geographical location of your data center with a view to sufficient risk assessment and management
  • Physical safety, constructional and technical design
  • Needs-based capacity planning and dimensioning
  • Planning and inventory documents, data center documentation (safety concepts, operational manuals, emergency manuals, etc.)
  • Monitoring and energy concepts
  • System for value-creating and value-maintaining asset management
  • Standardized processes and methods for fault management
  • Availability concepts and their implementation
  • Technical and organizational safety processes

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