Ambient Assited Living (AAL)

Active assisted living (AAL), also known as ambient assisted living, is one of the major topics of digitalization. With the TÜV PROFiCERT “AAL tested” certification, you demonstrate that your property is well prepared in this area.

Certified Service Quality

If your goal is to have loyal guests, happy customers and satisfied business partners, the quality of service is a decisive factor. Show your customers just how important service quality is to you – with the TÜV PROFiCERT-plus certification process for service quality.

Certified Direct Marketing

Show your partner companies and end customers that you stand for security and trust – with the TÜV PROFiCERT-plus certification process for direct marketing.

Certified Guarantee Concept

Is your guarantee agreement coherent and understandable? Find out how good your processes are with our TÜV PROFiCERT certification process for your guarantee concept.

Certification in line with GWO standards: Occupational health and safety in the wind energy sector

With a TÜV PROFiCERT-plus certificate in line with GWO standards, providers of training programs for the wind energy sector have proof of quality that is valid worldwide.

Travel Risk Management

Demonstrate that you, as an employer, provide comprehensive protection for your employees before and during business trips – with the TÜV PROFiCERT-plus certificate for travel risk management.