Safety on business trips is more important today than ever before, and is a key task for companies. As an employer, you are obliged to identify, assess and manage risks relating to business trips with a travel risk management system.

Such a system combines all structures and processes in and around the topics of safety and health on business trips. Prevention and reaction are essential here. The individual aspects of prevention include, for example, preparation for travel and analysis of the target region, comprising elements such as approvals for travel, briefings, vaccinations and the selection of safe hotels. Reaction concerns support during the trip, including the handling of emergencies abroad and the organization’s crisis management.

What is tested during the certification?

  • Trip / travel risk management policy
  • Assignment of a responsible and trained travel risk manager
  • Contracts with possible external service providers from the field of travel risk management
  • Uniform, risk-oriented booking processes and approval of business trips
  • Overview of business trips (tracking) – who is currently where?
  • Availability of country information and recommendations for conduct
  • Medical consultation prior to trips to tropical regions
  • IT support regarding data security during business trips
  • Assistance with the selection of hotels and local means of transport
  • Range of services provided by foreign health insurance
  • Monitoring of the global security situation and push notifications for travelers
  • Emergency care for medical and safety-related issues during the business trip

What are the advantages of certification for your company?

  • Compliance with legal requirements
  • Improvement of corporate culture
  • Increased attractiveness as an employer
  • Cost optimization
  • Reduction of personnel shortages

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