In view of the current coronavirus pandemic, TÜV Hessen has therefore taken a comprehensive range of preventive and awareness-raising measures and set up a reporting chain. The company management is observing and assessing the situation in great detail on a daily basis. We are currently exercising social distancing, using both our office space and home working.


Taking this and the recommendations of the authorities and scientists into account, and with the support of our accreditation bodies and registration offices, we will continue to provide our customers with the most comprehensive support possible and maintain our certification services to the greatest possible extent. We will do this on the basis of special provisions, which we will adapt depending on the conditions of the respective company.

In the case of certification audits (new certifications), the audit must generally be postponed. If an on-site readiness assessment has already been conducted, the actual (stage 2) audit can be performed after nine months instead of the usual deadline of six months. Parts of the certification audit can be performed remotely using digital information and communication technology.

What does this mean for you as a customer of the TÜV Hessen certification body?

Normally, the first monitoring audit following a (new) certification has to be performed 12 months after the certification decision. If that is currently not possible, part of the audit time is to be performed as a remote audit before the deadline; the deadline can then be extended by six months. The remainder of the audit time must be conducted on site before the extension expires.

A re-certification audit must be performed before the certificate expires. If that is currently not possible, part of the audit time is to be performed as a remote audit before the certificate expires; in this exceptional case, the certificate can then be extended by six months. The remainder of the audit must be conducted on site before this six-month extension expires.

A “normal” monitoring audit can now be performed six months later instead of the usual four months (from the date of the last certification/re-certification decision). In exceptional cases, this period can even be extended further.

Please note that these provisions do not apply to all certifications. For example, certifications in accordance with IATF 16949 and AZAV are excluded.

What is a remote audit?

A remote audit is performed using digital information and communication technology, without any auditors being present at the organization’s site. To this end, the prerequisites (e.g. technology, type of processes and availability of employees) must be checked prior to the audit. More detailed information can be found here (Link setzen)

What needs to be taken into account when an audit is conducted on site?

During the coronavirus pandemic, various hygiene recommendations must be strictly adhered to. These include sufficient distancing (at least 1.5 m, preferably 2 m) between all people involved, rooms that can be well ventilated, regular hand washing, wearing protective clothing if necessary, etc.

Further questions

Should you have any further questions, e.g. on the precise implementation, please contact your certification body at or call us on +49 6151 600-331.