Creating a safe environment for employees in tough working conditions is a real challenge. Training courses before work deployments provide employees with orientation and offer them the best possible preparation for their work. When constructing and maintaining wind energy plants, work is often performed at great heights or at sea. To ensure occupational health and safety in these environments, the Global Wind Organisation (GWO) has defined safety training courses that are valid worldwide. Certification according to GWO standards makes training programs for the wind energy sector comparable.

Training courses in line with GWO standards aim to reduce safety risks when performing work in the wind energy sector. The training contents are checked and updated on a regular basis in order to guarantee a safe working environment, thereby increasing both the safety and quality of the performed tasks. As an authorized inspection body of the GWO, we offer certification in accordance with GWO standards.


What is tested during GWO certification?

The GWO has defined the following standards and training modules for certification. Only modules from the training provider are tested; these include:

  • GWO Basic Safety Training Standard (BST) or GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher Standard (BSTR)
    • First Aid
    • Working at Heights
    • Sea Survival
    • Manual Handling
    • Fire Awareness
  • Basic Technical Training (BTT)
  • Advanced Rescue Training Standard (ART) or Advanced Rescue Refresher Training Standard (ARTR)

The above are only some of the GWO’s standards. The GWO is constantly updating and adding to this list. The full list can be found here:*


How to obtain your certificate

Step 1: Select the relevant modules

Once you have contacted us, we will agree the individual steps toward your certificate. As a GWO training provider, you yourself decide which training modules are to be certified.

Step 2: Audit

For a new certificate, our experts check your quality management system, including the training program and trainers. The actual certification audit is then performed in the next step. For this, our auditors monitor various training courses.

Step 3: Reporting

Once the audits are complete you will receive our report, including certificate, which represents proof that your training courses comply with GWO standards.

The certificate must be renewed after two years. If only online training programs were audited during the certification audit, this interval is reduced to one year. Independently of this, annual monitoring audits take place.

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