By integrating a management system for health and safety at work, companies provide workplaces that are safe and not harmful to health, prevent work-related injuries and illnesses, and continuously improve their performance with regard to occupational health and safety.


    Your benefits

    By introducing an occupational health and safety management system in line with DIN ISO 45001, you can achieve the following:

    • Motivated and attentive employees thanks to improved occupational health and safety
    • Reduction in lost time, accidents and production interruptions
    • Legal certainty thanks to compliance with statutory and official requirements
    • Occupational health and safety also anchored in the consciousness of management and external providers
    • International recognition for your occupational health and safety management system
    • Image boost as a safety and health-oriented company


    What is tested and evaluated?

    As part of the certification procedure – consisting of a document inspection in advance and a subsequent on-site company audit – the following requirements, among others, are tested and assessed:

    • Obligation and accountability of the management
    • Policies and objectives for occupational health and safety
    • Consultation and involvement of employees and their representatives
    • Effective processes for determining hazards, monitoring and assessing risks
    • Taking opportunities with regard to health and safety at work
    • Compliance with legal obligations and other requirements
    • Continuous performance assessment and monitoring of the management system (management review)

    For detailed information, please refer to the current version of the standard.


    How long is the certification valid?

    The TÜV PROFiCERT certificate for DIN ISO 45001 is awarded upon successful completion of the certification process. It is valid for three years and must be confirmed every year by a monitoring audit.


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