In this sector in particular, it is essential that certain requirements are met throughout the entire supply chain. This not only improves product quality, but also contributes to process optimization. Based on ISO 9001, IATF 16949 is specially tailored to the additional requirements of the automotive industry. The focus is on continuous improvement and the avoidance of errors. Therefore, it is common practice for vehicle manufacturers to demand that their suppliers are certified to IATF 16949 before they can start working for the manufacturer.

Advantages of certification to IATF 16949:

  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Introduction of a continuous improvement process – using key performance indicators in all processes
  • Error prevention as early as the planning phase of new projects
  • Reduction of waste in the supply chain
  • Systematization and structuring of processes in the organization
  • Reduction of costs

What is tested and evaluated?

The certification procedure consists of an on-site readiness assessment in advance and a subsequent on-site company audit. In particular, the requirements of IATF 16949 are tested and assessed:

  • Quality management system
  • Management responsibility
  • Compliance with customer-specific requirements
  • Resource management
  • Product realization from planning to manufacturing
  • Measurement, analysis and improvement of processes

For detailed information, please refer to the current version of the technical specifications.

How long is the certification valid?

The TÜV PROFiCERT certificate IATF 16949 is awarded upon successful completion of the certification process. It is valid for three years and must be confirmed every year by a monitoring audit.


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